Africans’ Perceptions of Chinese Business in Africa: A Survey


GJ Rossouw, Sofie Geerts, Namhla Xinwa

Publication date: 

Friday, 1 August 2014


  • Research paper


External to ACUI

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There are ambivalent views on the presence of Chinese companies in Africa. While some portray China as a benevolent investor and friend of Africa, others accuse China of being a ‘new colonial power’, extracting resources for their own benefit with little return for Africa. In order to gauge what Africans think of the presence of Chinese companies in Africa an online survey was conducted in a number of African countries. Overall, the perceptions of Africans are rather negative. Although there is recognition of some positive impact of Chinese investment and trade in Africa, there is, in particular, considerable concern about the social, environmental, and workplace responsibilities of Chinese businesses in Africa. Report published by the Ethics Institute of South Africa.