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Urbanization, legal reform big challenges for China

Publication date: Sun 17 Nov 2013
Document type: Article
Urbanization and legal reform are two big issues faced by Chinese leaders currently, experts said on Saturday.

China plans bond overhaul to fund $6t urbanization

Publication date: Sun 17 Nov 2013
Document type: Article
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said on Wednesday that the country will not slacken it efforts in regulating the housing prices, which he considered still "far from a reasonable level."
"If we develop the...

China to help migrant workers in urbanization

Publication date: Sun 17 Nov 2013
Document type: Article
Chinese authorities on Thursday underlined the need to help rural migrant workers become residents, calling it an important task for the country's urbanization, according to its first policty...

Rural reform, step by step

Publication date: Sat 16 Nov 2013
Document type: Article
China's new leadership has determined to build a fairer mechanism to narrow the urban-rural divide and maintain social stability during its urbanization drive.

App shows real-time bus information in Beijing

Publication date: Thu 14 Nov 2013
Document type: Article
Do you want to know when the next bus will come? Now you can check it out on your smartphone.

China in Africa: Think Again featuring Deborah Brautigam

Publication date: Tue 12 Nov 2013
Document type: Video
Deborah Brautigam spoke on the theme "China in Africa: Think Again" as part of the US-China Relations Forum hosted by The Carter Centre. She is a leading expert on China in Africa, and the author of...

Equal modernization fruits for urban, rural residents

Publication date: Mon 11 Nov 2013
Document type: Article
The Communist Party of China (CPC) will promote the urban-rural integration drive so as to ensure that rural residents equally share the benefits of modernization, said Xi Jinping when explaining a...

China in Africa: The Real Story blog

Publication date: Sun 10 Nov 2013
Document type: Article
Blog created by Deborah Brautigam, Professor and Director, International Development Program, Johns Hopkins University/SAIS; Visiting Professor, University of Bergen, Norway; and author of The Dragon...

Shanghai leads effort to rein in housing market

Publication date: Fri 8 Nov 2013
Document type: Article
The municipal government of Shanghai announced on Friday new measures designed to cool down the local housing market.

‘New York of Africa’ coming soon

Publication date: Wed 6 Nov 2013
Document type: Article
Johannesburg - Explosives and chemicals firm AECI had given preference to Chinese land developers in the sale of a 1 600 hectare site as they could buy a larger portion of its Modderfontein property...

Home prices still rising in major cities

Publication date: Fri 1 Nov 2013
Document type: Article
Some top-tier cities are likely to miss targets at the beginning of the year to stabilize home prices, as prices in China's 100 major cities continued to rise in October, a survey showed on Friday.

China in Africa: The implications for journalism

Publication date: Fri 1 Nov 2013
Document type: Article
The increased involvement of China in Africa has been one of the most controversial geopolitical developments on the continent in recent times. Although Chinese involvement in Africa can be traced...

Urbanization quality is more important than speed

Publication date: Thu 31 Oct 2013
Document type: Article
The government should prioritize the quality of urbanization, said an article in the Southern Metropolis Daily.

16% households have homes demolished or land seized: survey

Publication date: Tue 29 Oct 2013
Document type: Article
About 16 percent of Chinese households — which is estimated to be at 64.3 million — had either their land...

Institute to focus on urbanization studies

Publication date: Wed 23 Oct 2013
An institute for advanced studies in urban development was established in the East China Normal University in Shanghai over the weekend.