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Uncovering African Agency Angola's Management of China's Credit Lines

Publication date: Fri 1 Feb 2013
Document type: Book
China's engagement in Africa is generally portrayed simply as African countries being exploited for their mineral wealth by a wealthy political and economic superpower. Is this always the case?...

Beijing's land sales reached 9-year high in January

Publication date: Fri 1 Feb 2013
Document type: Article
Beijing's revenue from land transfers in January totaled 24.17 billion yuan ($3.88 billion), the highest since 2003.

The Role of Public Sentiment and Social Media in the Evolving China–Africa Relationship

Publication date: Mon 28 Jan 2013
Document type: Research paper
The demands of public diplomacy have shifted with the development of social media technologies. Increasingly, governments are required to gauge and respond to public sentiment over and above the one-...

Food struggle may threaten urbanization: official

Publication date: Sat 26 Jan 2013
Document type: Article
 When crowds of Chinese farmers leave their land and settled down in cities, the crop-growing master-hands may not have enough food to eat, an agricultural official warned Saturday. Chen Xiwen,...

Agri-Urbanisation: new path sustaiable

Publication date: Mon 21 Jan 2013
Document type: Article
As China advances urbanization to narrow the rural-urban income gap and boost growth, agri-urbanism provides an alternative path to realizing sustainable development, says a renowned Chinese academic...

Bigger role urged for NGOs on poverty reduction

Publication date: Fri 18 Jan 2013
Document type: Article
Non-government organizations (NGOs) should play a bigger role in reducing poverty, an NGO president said Friday. Charity organizations should solve certain poverty-related problems in a direct and...

Urbanization is backbone of the booming economy

Publication date: Thu 17 Jan 2013
Document type: Article
Urban rail development, and medical and other services are likely to lead the Chinese economy in 2013, which is almost certain to be a year of greater growth than 2012 was. They reflect the stronger-...

Foundation helps 1.87 m people in poverty

Publication date: Thu 10 Jan 2013
Document type: Article
China's largest NGO on poverty alleviation helped 1.87 million people last year, according to a yearly report released on Thursday. China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, founded in 1989, raised...

Housing and Urbanisation in Africa: Unleashing a formal market process

Publication date: Wed 9 Jan 2013
Document type: Article
In many African countries a market for private provision of formal sector mass housing is largely absent. This is not inevitable, but is the consequence of policy failure surrounding five key issues...

Top land authority urges overhaul of land use

Publication date: Tue 8 Jan 2013
Document type: Article
The Ministry of Land and Resources on Monday urged local land authorities to overhaul the reporting system of land uses, the Shanghai Securities Daily reported. The ministry demanded that provincial...

Reliance on land sales 'must be reformed'

Publication date: Mon 7 Jan 2013
Document type: Article
The new leadership is facing an increasing clamor for reforms and one of its priorities should be to reduce the reliance of local governments on land sale revenues, said a leading economist....

Basel III and its impact on Mortgage Finance

Publication date: Tue 1 Jan 2013
Document type: Presentation
Presentation by Raj Dussoye, CEO Bank One, Mauritius as part of the 29th annual conference of the AUHF in Mauritius. The conference addressed a key challenge faced by housing lenders across the...

China in the heart of Africa

Publication date: Tue 1 Jan 2013
Document type: Article
"China’s gift to Africa.” The new headquarters of the African Union, a towering 20-storey building in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is so called because China picked up the $200 million tab for the state-of...

Residential land supplies plunge in first 11 months

Publication date: Wed 19 Dec 2012
Document type: Article
China's residential land supplies in the first 11 months dropped by 15.3 percent from the same period last year, according to the Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) on Tuesday.

Official calls for steps to protect farmland

Publication date: Fri 30 Nov 2012
China, the world's largest food consumer, finds itself faced with obstacles to preserving farmland amid its deepening urbanization, as well as to meeting the growing demand for farm products, a...