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FOCAC Ten Years Later: Achievements, Challenges and the Way Forward,

Publication date: Sun 1 Jan 2012
Document type: Research paper
FOCAC Ten Years Later: Achievements, Challenges and the Way Forward, is a joint project of the Centre of African Studies, Peking University, and the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI). The report is being...

Focac Twelve Years Later: achievements, challenges and the Way Forward

Publication date: Sun 1 Jan 2012
Document type: Article
The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was established in 2000. It is a multilateral platform for exchange and cooperation between China and African countries that have formal diplomatic...

Megacities: redefining "urban"

Publication date: Mon 26 Dec 2011
Document type: Article
By 2050, 75% of the world will live in cities. Faced with this inexorable shift, humanity's goal should be to manage our future in a metropolis, not to succumb to it, writes David Pilling.

Deborah Brautigam: China is successful in Africa where NGOs are not

Publication date: Mon 28 Nov 2011
Document type: Video
Deborah Brautigam spoke against the motion "Beware of the dragon: Africa should not to China" at an Intelligence Squared debate in London. She is a leading expert on China in Africa, and the author...

To Bélinga or not to Bélinga? China's evolving engagement in Gabon's mining sector

Publication date: Tue 1 Nov 2011
SAIIA Occasional Paper 98: Gabon’s recent ambition to reduce its dependency on oil revenue by diversifying its economy coincides with China’s growing investment in resource-rich African countries....

Coping with the urban tsunami

Publication date: Tue 25 Oct 2011
Document type: Article
Our ever-expanding cities are set to swallow an area the size of Monglioa by 2030, writes John Elkington. The challenge is to turn them from centres of crisis into agents of a green revolution.

The China Angola Partnership a Case Study of China’s Oil Relations in Africa

Publication date: Wed 25 May 2011
Document type: Article
Following our other recent articles concerning Sino-African oil relations and the role of Chinese national oil companies (NOCs), this article in our China-Africa series takes a look at the case of...

Perspectives on Chinese Urbanization

Publication date: Thu 12 May 2011
Document type: Article
The scale and speed of migration into Chinese cities is unprecedented in modern times. Consequently no single state has ever been pressed to alter its built environment so drastically in just one...

China's post-reform urbanization: retrospect, policies and trends

Publication date: Sun 1 May 2011
This paper provides a broad and updated overview of urban growth in China, its determinants and its consequences. The main section of the paper quantifies key trends in the Chinese process of...

China's African Trading Partners

Publication date: Mon 25 Apr 2011
Document type: Article
The BRICS leaders met at the third BRIC cummit in Sanya, Hainan, on April 14. South Africa's first official participation to this summit means the extension of the BRIC group to BRICS. This will...

Wall St wannabe points to China's growth risks

Publication date: Thu 3 Mar 2011
Document type: Article
Yujiapu does not roll off the tongue like Wall Street, but planners in the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin hope it soon will. Round-the-clock construction is transforming muddy ground into what...

African Shenzhen: China's special economic zones in Africa

Publication date: Fri 7 Jan 2011
Document type: Article
This article examines recent Chinese efforts to construct a series of official economic cooperation zones in Africa. These zones are a central platform in China’s announced strategy of engagement in...

Affordable Housing in China: Landlines

Publication date: Sat 1 Jan 2011
Document type: Article
Since 1978, the Chinese government has pursued various economic and housing reforms to expand private property rights in housing and to promote home ownership through the commercialization and...

Embracing urban evolution

Publication date: Wed 10 Nov 2010
Document type: Article
China risks building a generation of rigid cities, unfit for the demands of a changing society, writes Adrian Hornsby. But there is an alternative approach - as an exercise this summer demonstrated.

China's transformation paradox

Publication date: Tue 9 Nov 2010
Document type: Article
In order to finance the shift to a low-carbon economy, China first requires a period of high-carbon growth.