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A structural problem: green buildings in Hong Kong

Publication date: Fri 5 Nov 2010
Document type: Article
Like many global cities, Hong Kong could radically cut its carbon emissions by making its buildings greener - but a regulatory black hole is hamerpering progress.

From sham to reality

Publication date: Wed 3 Nov 2010
China's existing "low-carbon cities" are mostly fakes, energty researcher Jiang Kejun tells Liu Jianqiang. For the sake of future economic strength, the government must give meaning to this slogan.

The State of China's Cities: Better City, Better Life

Publication date: Sun 12 Sep 2010
Document type: Article
The population living in cities and towns in China will outnumber the population living in rural areas in the next five years. In 2030, the urbanization rate will reach about 65%. There will be a...

Rise of the Chinese Ghost Town

Publication date: Sun 12 Sep 2010
Document type: Article
In Chenggong, there are more than a hundred-thousand new apartments with no occupants, lush tree-lined streets with no cars, enormous office buildings with no workers, and billboards advertising cold...

China and climate change in the post-Copenhagen era

Publication date: Fri 25 Jun 2010
Document type: Article
Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report shows the global surface temperature increased 0.74 °C in the past 100 years (1906-2005), mostly because of the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. More...

Why China could be leading the world on climate change

Publication date: Sat 29 May 2010
Document type: Article
There are two schools of thought about China’s role in climate negotiations since Copenhagen. The first sees China as the principal obstacle to progress at the talks. The second considers that, as a...

From Isolation to Integration? A Study of Chinese Retailers in Dakar

Publication date: Mon 1 Mar 2010
SAIIA Occasional Paper 57: Starting from the late 1990s, more and more Chinese have migrated to Senegal, concentrating and opening small shops along the Boulevard Général de Gaulle, one of the major...

Bulldozer or Locomotive? The Impact of Chinese Enterprises on the Local Employment in Angola and the DRC

Publication date: Fri 1 Jan 2010
Document type: Article
This article published in the Journal of Asian and African Studies is to analyze the impact of Chinese enterprises on the local employment practices in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo...

Evaluating China’s FOCAC commitments to Africa and mapping the way ahead

Publication date: Fri 1 Jan 2010
This report investigates emerging trends, opportunities and challenges in China's engagement with five African countries through the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), namely Angola, the...

Has Mercantilism Reduced Urban Poverty in SSA? Perception of Boom, Bust, and the China–Africa Trade in Lome ́ and Bamako

Publication date: Sun 1 Nov 2009
Document type: Article
This paper addresses the immediate impacts of the China–Africa trade on Africa’s informal traders and its longer term impact on urban poverty, based on a comparison of the major cities of two West...

Dispelling illusions on China and climate change

Publication date: Sun 3 May 2009
Document type: Article
During my recent trip to Australia, I encountered two illusions about climate change that need to be dispelled. The first is that an ambitious outcome from the COP15 in Copenhagen this December...

The Dilema of Urban Governance in Africa Between Western and Eastern Development Models: A Case Study From Addis Ababa

Publication date: Thu 1 Jan 2009
Document type: Research paper
Africa is experiencing rapid urbanization in extreme poverty. The overwhelming problems of its large and growing cities are a particular challenge for urban governance. In this situation the West no...

China's urban transition causes growing inequality

Publication date: Thu 27 Nov 2008
Document type: Article
The word transition perhaps best describes China: the world's most populaous country is tranistioning from a predominantly rural society to an urban one. While urbanization has led to unprecendented...

City Development in Africa and China: Proceedings and Outcomes of the Sino-African Orientation Exchange on Sustainable Urban Development

Publication date: Thu 13 Nov 2008
Document type: Article
Sino-African relations are currently characterized by unprecedented growth in all dimensions. In several areas, the sustainability of Sino-African cooperation is difficult to assess at this early...

How China delivers development assistance to Africa

Publication date: Fri 1 Feb 2008
The Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch University embarked on this research project to gather information and gain insight into China’s aid policies vis-à-vis Africa. The research is intended...