China’s Aid in African Urban Development


Shelly Mao Xiaojing

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Monday, 30 July 2012


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Presented at the Pro-Poor Urban Development: China and Africa Workshop, Nairobi, 07/30/2012. Urbanization of Africa is increasing ever since the middle of 20th century. According to the status report on African Cities released in 2011 by United Nations Human Settlements Programme, city population of Africa in the next 40 years will be three times greater than that of the present. By 2050, 60% of Africans will be city residents. However, urbanization in Africa develops at a faster pace than modernization, which causes serious social problems, such as shortage of jobs, lagging city infrastructure, prevalence of slums, lack of basic city services etc. In order to foster the urban development of African nations, the Chinese government has offered help in the realms of infrastructure construction, education and sanitation, playing a positive role in alleviating the living and producing conditions for urban residents.