Paratransit in Luanda

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Despite the rapid growth of Luanda and the significant investment in new satellite-dormitory-city development, (often Chinese financed), the city still lacks a rapid urban transit system. Some arterial and ring-roads have been built but a strategy for rapid public transport has not yet been implemented. Private vehicles used by senior civil servants and middle and upper class commuters have led to serious road congestion. The public bus service cannot meet the demand.  Consequently, the majority of the population is dependent on private and informal taxi services of the paratransit sector. Combi-type mini-buses candongeiros and passenger-carrying motorbikes called kupapatas dominate this paratransit market. In addition, much of the city of Luanda that is not connected to the water network is served by water-tanker trucks, which form part of the city’s informal transport system.

Development Workshop monitors the informal transport of both populations and basic services in Luanda.

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