Paratransit in Nairobi

Project theme: 

The "Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisations as Operational Arrangements for Paratransit Management" project aims to assess the usefulness of inter-city cooperatives as operational arrangements for the management of paratransit operators, and as a means of improving passenger quality of service. This project has its roots in a larger project which has examined paratransit in three Sub-Saharan African case cities (Cape Town, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi), with specific attention paid to issues of regulatory compliance and passenger quality-of-service improvement.

Researchers: Prof. Dorothy McCormick, University of Nairobi, Prof. Roger Behrens, African Centre of Excellence for Transport Studies (ACET) University of Cape Town, Dr. Risper Orero, Kenya Methodist University and Ms. Marilyn Ommeh, University of Nairobi.


"The Matatu Mode of Public Transport in Metropolitan
Nairobi" - Sunita Kapila, Mutsembi Manundu,
Davinda Lamba, 1982.