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Playing the Long Game: China’s Investment in Africa

Publication date: Mon 20 Oct 2014
Document type: Research paper
China’s growth and appetite for foreign direct investment (FDI) has made Africa its largest investment destination, according to a new report written by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) for...

South Africa-China Relations: Evolving Cooperation, Collaboration and Competition

Publication date: Mon 6 Oct 2014
Document type: Article
South Africa, a leading economy on the African continent, and China, the largest developing country in the world, have forged a unique partnership. Operating at bilateral, continental and...

Water and sanitation provision in eThekwini Municipality: a spatially differentiated approach

Publication date: Wed 10 Sep 2014
Document type: Research paper
The rescaling of responsibilities in water governance in South Africa has enabled strong water services authorities, such as the eThekwini Water and Sanitation Unit (EWS) in eThekwini Municipality,...

Angola: Chinese Company Completes Massive Angolan Railway

Publication date: Wed 3 Sep 2014
Document type: Article
China Railway Construction, one of China's largest construction companies, finished building a massive railway line in Angola on Wednesday and plans to put into operation this year. The 1,344-km...

African Regional Economic Communities’ engagement with China

Publication date: Mon 1 Sep 2014
Document type: Research paper
The development of effective African Regional Economic Communities (RECs) stands to benefit African countries immensely. Transnational free trade regions, single customs unions, single markets,...

China, architecture and Ghana's spaces: concrete signs of a soft Chinese imperium?

Publication date: Fri 29 Aug 2014
Document type: Article
Africa’s interaction with China is beginning to be marked tellingly by Chinese architectural inscriptions on the African cityscape  which need to be deconstructed. The furore in the African...

The Evolving Spatial Structure of South African Cities: A Reflection on the Influence of Spatial Planning Policies

Publication date: Wed 20 Aug 2014
Document type: Research paper
The need to transform the structure and morphology of South African cities remained high on the policy agenda of all three spheres of government in South Africa since 1994. The influence of a range...

The motivations for China’s new energy and climate policies

Publication date: Thu 14 Aug 2014
Document type: Article
The motivations for China’s recent energy and climate change policies are far more complex than the stereotypical view of China as a country bent on the pursuit of economic growth at all costs would...

Introduction to the China Lab Guide to Megablock Urbanisms

Publication date: Sun 3 Aug 2014
Document type: Summary report
Superblocks are the basic unit of China’s urban development, but they are also spatial instruments with social, cultural, environmental, and economic implications, operating between the scales of...

Africans’ Perceptions of Chinese Business in Africa: A Survey

Publication date: Fri 1 Aug 2014
Document type: Research paper
There are ambivalent views on the presence of Chinese companies in Africa. While some portray China as a benevolent investor and friend of Africa, others accuse China of being a ‘new colonial power...

No plan to ease property curbs in Beijing

Publication date: Mon 28 Jul 2014
Document type: Article
Beijing is not planning to ease its restrictions on acquiring residential properties as many local governments are trying to boost the market through eliminating related policies.

Sharp falls in China’s once-booming property market

Publication date: Sun 27 Jul 2014
Document type: Article
Ye Jian is looking for two things - love and an apartment. The 28-year-old medical equipment salesman is trying to find a girlfriend at speed-dating events, but without much luck so far. Over a pot...

Experts recommend desalinated water for Beijing

Publication date: Thu 24 Jul 2014
Document type: Article
Technical difficulties may no longer be a barrier to using desalinated seawater in Beijing, experts said at a conference hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology on Tuesday.

China speeds up drafting of property regulation

Publication date: Thu 24 Jul 2014
Document type: Article
China is accelerating the drafting of a property registration regulation orginially scheduled to be issued by June.

China vows to ease financing costs for real economy

Publication date: Thu 24 Jul 2014
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday pledged to take various steps to give more financing support to the real economy while keeping credit growth at a proper level.