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Informal Elements in Urban Growth Regulation in China - Urban Villages in Ningbo

Publication date: Mon 2 Apr 2007
Document type: Article
The article sets out to describe and understand the informal elements of urban growth in the light of uncoordinated and even contradicting political aims and administrative regulations on the...

Security of housing tenure in the People’s Republic of China: background, trends and issues

Publication date: Mon 1 Jan 2007
Document type: Article
Conflicts caused by forced removals and demolitions are, as before, the main factor vexing social stability in Shanghai. A few private eviction companies’ methods are wanton and vicious. Some...

China’s Rising Cities

Publication date: Sun 1 Jan 2006
Recent economic reforms coupled with modernization policies have improved the living conditions of millions of people in China. In the last two decades, the world’s most populous country has...