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Publication date: Thu 13 Mar 2014
Document type: Article is a collaborative online platform and part of the network that seeks to make information about Chinese development finance flows to Africa more accessible and usable....

Life within the Wall and Implications for Those Outside It: Gated Communities

Publication date: Wed 12 Mar 2014
Document type: Article
The North American scholarship on gated housing communities posits the desire for security as the main driver for gating, but does this hold true for less wealthy countries? To address this question...

The Stabilizing Influence of Chinese Development Finance in Conflict-Prone African Countries

Publication date: Wed 12 Mar 2014
Document type: Article
Posted on the blog by Joe Foster, a summary of the working paper “Tracking Under-Reported Financial Flows (TUFF): China’s Development Finance and the Aid-Conflict Nexus Revisited” by...

China in Africa: Economics in Africa

Publication date: Sun 9 Mar 2014
Document type: Article
China is increasingly becoming involved in all aspects of development within Africa. From infrastructure building to the investment in aid on the continent. The following articles explore this...

Housing in Hong Kong - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Publication date: Sun 9 Mar 2014
Document type: Presentation
A housing profile of Hong Kong. Focusing on current supply issues and the government’s approach to finding a solution, the presentation exhibits some of the best and worst examples of living...

China's indebted cities worry investors

Publication date: Fri 7 Mar 2014
Document type: Video
Debt surged nearly 70 percent in two years in country as a whole, far more than what officials had publicly admitted.One of the major issues facing China is a problem of growing debt. Massive...

Risky Business: Is China Wavering in Africa?

Publication date: Thu 6 Mar 2014
Document type: Article
Chinese companies and banks were once seen as bold and fearless as they invested in countries Western investors deemed too risky. But this may now be changing. In 2007, when two Chinese state-owned...

China to grant urban residency to 100 million

Publication date: Wed 5 Mar 2014
Document type: Article
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced a bold plan on Wednesday to turn more rural people into city dwellers and improve their quality of life. Urbanization is the sure route to modernization and an...

Housing market shows signs of cooling after decade of growth

Publication date: Tue 4 Mar 2014
Document type: Article
Higher mortgage rates, concern over impact of tax reduce volume of transactions as year gets underway. Experts say there are signs of cooling in the Chinese property market after a decade of growth,...

Fujian aims to prioritize protecting environment

Publication date: Mon 3 Mar 2014
Document type: Article
Fujian province will make greater efforts to protect its natural environment as it presses ahead with economic development, said the province's legislators.

Chengdu to deepend reform in an all-round way

Publication date: Fri 28 Feb 2014
Document type: Article
Chengdu Municipal Committee approved deepening the city's reform in an all-round way and laid out its plan for economic and social reform during the third plenary session of the twelfth municipal...

Purifiers help many urban residents breathe more easily while at home

Publication date: Thu 27 Feb 2014
Document type: Article
In an attempt to stop her family from breathing polluted air, Christina Wang, the mother of a 3-month-old in Beijing, bought her second air purifier in two months. "We put one in the living room and...

Annual Report: China Africa Relations 2013

Publication date: Tue 25 Feb 2014
Document type: Summary report
The annual report of the Centre for Chinese Studies, China Africa Relations 2013, highlights the development of China-Africa relations including changes and achievements of the The Centre for Chinese...

South Africa leads Africa in anti-Chinese sentiment

Publication date: Fri 21 Feb 2014
Document type: Article
China has become accustomed to hearing complaints from Africa about how their businesses are operating on the continent. For years now, negative sentiments from Africans on the ground have been at...

Cities in motion: how we mapped the matatus of Nairobi

Publication date: Wed 19 Feb 2014
Document type: Article
Nairobi's matatu routes, as researched and compiled by a joint venture between Columbia and Nairobi University, Groupshot and MITA project, makes sense of the brightly coloured, seemingly anarchic...